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Awesome adventures to go on in Levi, Lapland:

1. Visit Sammun-tupa Reindeer Farm and have a ride with the Reindeers!

Riika, the lady behind the Sammun-Tupa reindeer farm, sits in the 8th generation of the Kenttala family with her parents inheriting the farm in 1982.
We got to meet this beautiful lady whilst we were there and her love for the Reindeer was so evident. Riika knows the reindeers by name and the length of the rides is completely determined by how the Reindeer are feeling. They are loved here and it’s a beautiful place for your childhood dreams to come true. Seeing reindeer in the flesh was truly magical!

Best things to do in winter in Levi Filand

2. Book an overnight stay at Levin Iglut

I mentioned it earlier and I’ll mention it again, this igloo resort is family owned and it has such a gorgeous family vibe to it. The personal touches and quality in the design and service haven’t been lost, despite the increase in demand and recent expansion in Igloos on site. There are currently 27 igloos, some smaller than others and it’s without a doubt one of the most magical ways to experience the Aurora Borealis here in Lapland Finland.

Book an igloo here.

3. Dine beneath a glass ceiling and enjoy the northern lights whilst you fine dine.

If you’re just passing through or miss out on staying in one of the glass igloos, you could still dine in the gorgeous on site restaurant at Levin Igult – Aurora Sky. The chef’s here are absolutely first class and it is worth every penny. The restaurant doesn’t seat many and if you book a table on the upper floor, prepare to push back on the bendy chairs for easy admiration of the northern lights through the glass ceiling!

See the Aurora Sky menu here.

4. If you have a car, Santa’s home is a short drive away in Rovaniemi!

The captial of Finland and Santa’s ‘official’ home.

5. Chase the Northern Lights

Best things to do in winter in Levi Filand

You don’t have to be staying in a luxury igloo to see them. With 111/365 average days of sighting a year, Levi is the perfect place to tick this off of your bucket list. I suggest downloading the ‘My Aurora Forecast and Alerts’ app on the app store so that you can be alerted with pretty accurate predictions. For the two days I was in town, cloud coverage was a solid 100% so I missed them. It’s a game of luck but wow, if you get a stoke of it…

Be sure not to miss Levi outdoor fest if you come in summer – the 5 day outdoor adventure festival.

6. Steer the husky sleds through the Lappish landscapes

Another bucket lister!!! We experience the most magical 10km run with these gorgeous huskies from Husky Farm Maglelin Experience. I’d highly recommend it. You even get the opportunity to…

7. Warm up in a Kota hut with an open fire

Best things to do in winter in Levi Filand

We did this as part of the package with Maglelin but it’s not uncommon in Finland. I absolutely love this part of their culture. All the good feels.

8. Go skiing!

Best things to do in winter in Levi Filand

Levi is the place to do it – it’s a ski town after all! There’s slopes to suit beginners right up to advanced and you can even engage in gorgeous cross sountry runs if that’s your jam. Pick up your rental gear and ski lift passes at Zero Point, Hissitie 2 and go shred!

9. Get yourself in a Finnish sauna

There are over 2000 in Levi alone. Including a floating sauna that you can rent. Why not book into…

10. Levi Spa

Soaking in the waters of Levi Spa is the perfect way to end a day of Lappi adventures and to warm up your bones before tucking into bed or into one of the gorgeous restaurants in town.

11. Catch the Levi Ski World Cup

Watch the pros do their thing and carve their way down the slopes in Levi as this ski towns hosts the annual ski world cup.

Did you know that Lapland here in Finland has minimal daylight hours in the winter but endless sun in the summer? Come back for midnight sun hiking in the summer months. The sun literally doesn’t set!

Author : Mollie from wheresmollie blog

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