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Ta Dung is a freshwater lake in the mountains, tucked away in Ta Dung Nature Reserve of Dak Nong province. With an area of more than 3000 hectares and about 40 large and small islands in the middle of the lake, this place is likened to a terrestrial Ha Long Bay of Tay Nguyen Vietnam.

Ta Dung is an area that plays an important role in the watershed protection of two large rivers Serepok and Dong Nai. This is the main source of water for daily life and production of the southern key economic region. In 2011, with two hydroelectric plants on the Dong Nai River blocking the flow and accumulating water, a large area of Ta Dung was flooded with water. The former high hills are now largely submerged under the lake, the top part of the mountain emerges from the blue of the water, turning this place into a special area with a majestic and interesting landscape. Looking down from above, the large and small islands look like a miniature Ha Long Bay.

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

Ta Dung Lake belongs to Ta Dung National Park, which was formerly Dak P’lao Forestry Enterprise, later transformed into a Nature Reserve and then further elevated to a National Park. This place is about 40km from Gia Nghia City, belonging to the administrative boundary of Dak Som commune of Dak G’long district. The total area of the lake is about 3000 ha, the average depth of the lake bed is over 20m.

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam
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Ta Dung is also considered the largest mountain range in Dak Nong province with an altitude of 1982m above sea level. Ta Dung National Park covers an area of ​​more than 23,000 hectares with rich flora and fauna, many species listed in the Red Book of Vietnam such as leopard, hung-cheeked gibbon, large gill, pheasant …

Best time to visit Ta Dung Dak Nong

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

Ta Dung is located in a location that has both a humid tropical highland climate and is influenced by the hot and dry southwest monsoon. This land has a climate divided into 2 distinct seasons with the rainy season from April to the end of November, the dry season from November to April next year. The average annual temperature is cool with a temperature range of 21-22ºC.

  • You can choose the time in the middle of the rainy season, from July to October every year because it rains a lot at this time, so the hydroelectric plants will store a lot of water, making this place like an ink painting. However, going in the rainy season sometimes the weather is not favorable, it rains a lot, so the sightseeing is not very interesting because it is limited by the fog. Another advantage of the dry season is that often in the summer, it’s hot, so it’s easier to swim (in a hotel or in a lake).
  • If going in the dry season, the lake dries up, but at this time the sky is usually very blue. For those of you who like to take photos, you will probably find this time more interesting.

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

How to get Ta Dung Dak Nong

Private vehicles

From Hanoi
From Hanoi, if you intend to drive straight to Ta Dung, it must be in the plan of driving through Vietnam because the distance is up to nearly 1500 km. If you depart from Hanoi, around the 8th or 9th day you will be in Ta Dung. Please refer to the self-drive schedule from Hanoi to Da Nang and then continue to follow the self-driving schedule of Da Nang Central Highlands, you will have a relatively good trip, with Ta Dung on that journey.

From Saigon
Going from the center of Saigon, the distance will be shorter with a distance of only about 250 km. With this distance, it only takes about 6 hours, you will be here with 2 options on the way. Go through Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc and then follow the National Highway 14 to Gia Nghia City, from here continue to Ta Dung.
Take the expressway CT 01 Long Thanh – Dau Giay, at the end of the expressway, transfer to National Highway 20 to Ma Da Gui and then continue on Highway 28 to Ta Dung. If you follow this route, you have the option of stopping by Bao Loc and staying there for 1 night before going to Ta Dung.

Public transport

By Bus
If you go from Saigon, you can catch the sleeper bus to Dak Nong, most of the destination will be Gia Nghia city. From here you can rent a motorbike and go straight to Ta Dung. There are also some garages that run through Dak Som, Quang Khe and then Gia Nghia, so these garages also go through Ta Dung lake area, but the time to go here is often late at night, so it is not very convenient.

By Plane
For those of you who do not have much time to travel, and those who come from far away, the best option will be to use an airplane. To get to Ta Dung, you can choose one of two airports, Buon Ma Thuot or Da Lat (Lien Khuong airport) with a distance of about 180 km and 120 km respectively. If the destination is Buon Ma Thuot, the travel distance is almost 180 km, if the destination is Da Lat, the distance of 120 km is calculated from Lien Khuong airport, moving back to the center of Da Lat city and then Going to Ta Dung is the same distance from Buon Ma Thuot.

Where to stay in Ta Dung Dak Nong

Previously, when the number of visitors to Ta Dung was not much, only a few homestays in Ta Dung were built with a very limited number of rooms. Currently, although there are more, but if you plan to go on holidays or weekends, remember to contact early to book. Room rates here will also be a bit higher than many other places.

Recommend some beautiful homestays: Ta Đung Topview Homestay (Mr Dong) ,  Gia Huan Homestay , Freedom Green Village.

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

Using a tent
In case you don’t have a room or want to save money, you can bring a tent to sleep in. Sleeping in a tent will be suitable for large groups, both fun and safer.

What to eat in Ta Dung Dak Nong

Lam rice
Rice is put into bamboo tubes, using water from streams and cliffs to cook rice right in the forest. This way of making rice is very special because the rice is cooked in a sealed tube, keeping the scent and not losing nutrients. This dish is often used by the Ma in the process of going to the fields, coming to Ta Dung you can enjoy Lam rice at homestays of local people.

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

Roast pork
In mountainous areas such as Ta Dung, pigs are usually small pigs (which in the North are often called armpit pigs) that are raised relatively naturally by local people. Pork will be very fragrant and sweet, a pig is usually just over ten kilograms. If you go in a large group, you can order people to cook the whole child, if you go with a small group, you can order smaller meals.

BBQ Chicken
The golden, fragrant chicken mixed with lemon leaves, eaten with lam rice, is excellent. If you do not stay in a homestay but camp yourself to sleep when you come to Ta Dung, you can buy chicken at the market and bake it yourself. Building a fire to roast chicken and gathering around the tent with friends is also quite fun.

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

Kim fish
Kim fish can live in many different aquatic environments such as brackish, salty and sweet. This fish, when living in different environments, will have different characteristics. This fish is named after a type of tool, because the shape of the lower jaw is longer than the upper one and resembles sharp pliers. This fish is also known as pliers. However, no matter what environment they live in, they still carry a pincer at the tip of the snout with a length of about 3 – 5 cm. The body of the fish is covered with thin skin with thin and soft round scales.

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

At Ta Dung Lake, some households build raft houses to live in, making a living by fishing and raising aquatic products, mainly fish. Particularly for pincerfish, people only let down their nets to catch them, but they can’t raise them. Kim fish is often processed into many familiar and easy-to-make dishes. In particular, dried pincer fish is often preferred by people because of its sweet, fleshy and fatty taste when deep-fried, drinking with beer and wine is very delicious.

Best things to do in Ta Dung Dak Nong


Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam
Photo by Dang Thuy Duong (FB :

If you have enough tents and additional equipment, you should not miss the opportunity to set up a camping tent in a beautiful land like Ta Dung. In the evening, make a fire to eat BBQ, wake up in the morning to make a cup of coffee to admire the beautiful scenery of the lake in peace.


Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam
Photo by Dang Thuy Duong (FB :

Those who love climbing, trekking can choose walking routes in the National Park or explore the top of Ta Dung mountain. For these activities, you should contact the National Park Management Board or rangers for detailed instructions.

Boat ride on the lake

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam
With a beautiful natural landscape, floating on the lake bed is quite enjoyable. You move to Ta Dung wharf and then hire a boat of local people to participate in this activity, depending on the time of the trip as well as the number of people, the boat rental price ranges from 500-1000k.

During your trip, you should take the initiative to bring a swimsuit because maybe if the weather is nice and hot, you can comfortably splash in the cool water. It can be the property’s swimming pool (Ta Dung Topview currently has a swimming pool), streams on the journey to discover the waterfall or right on the bed of Ta Dung Lake (this one needs a life jacket).

Visit Ta Dung National Park

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam
With the majority of the area being vast green forests and large lakes with more than 36 large and small islands, the national park has a diverse flora and fauna, rich in number and types with more than 1000 species of flora and fauna. , many species are listed in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world.

Granite waterfall
Located in the tourist route “Earth from the Earth”, Granite waterfall (point 43), also known as Slide waterfall, belongs to Ta Dung National Park in Dak Som commune. From Highway 28 (right next to Dak BLao Bridge, the way to Ta Dung wharf) go about 1 km to the foot of the waterfall. Because the waterfall flows covering the granite blocks, scientists named it Granite waterfall.

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

Granite waterfall is quite wide with large rocks stacked on top of each other undulating, scattered on the top of the waterfall and at the foot of the waterfall. The two sides of the stream are full of tall, straight giant umbrella trees, lined up like giant green nets. Besides, there are tall old trees, wide canopy like arms reaching out to hug the whole stream, along with bunches of vines swaying in the wind, making the space both cool and poetic.

H’mong market
From the northern mountainous provinces to the Central Highlands of Dak Nong since 2000, most of the H’Mong ethnic families in Dak Som have had a stable life, many of them have risen to be well-off. The H’mong market here is also a place to preserve the beauty and characteristics of traditional culture, contributing to the H’Mong village in Dak Som creating a highlight in the culture of more than 40 ethnic groups. Dak Nong province.

B’ Sre tree
B’ Sre banyan tree in Dak Som commune, Dak Glong district is more than 200 years old, 30m high, has a circumference of the main trunk of 15m, a wide canopy that covers more than 1,000 m². This banyan tree has long become the place where all cultural and spiritual life activities of the people take place, a beautiful symbol of natural cultural values and also historical witnesses.

Lieng Nung Waterfall

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam
Lieng Nung Waterfall, also known as Dieu Thanh Waterfall, is a waterfall on Dak Ninh stream located in N’Jrieng village, Dak Nia commune, Gia Nghia city. The waterfall has a height of about 30m, the upstream of the waterfall is Dak Nia Lake, which originates from the Dak Tit River, a branch of the Dong Nai River. Dak Nia Lake is about 12 hectares wide. Around the waterfall are villages of the M’nong and Ma ethnic groups. If your route through Gia Nghia you can visit this waterfall.

Ta Dung Bee Farm

Ta Dung Dak Nong Vietnam

This is a flower garden with many varieties of flowers planted in combination with some beautiful miniatures, direct view towards Ta Dung lake. If you like to take pictures of colorful flowers, you should come and explore.

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