Five Unforgettable Adventures in the Norwegian Fjords

Norway is an incredible place to visit. And whether you’re hiking up a mountain, taking on a thrilling rafting adventure down a river, or paddle boarding through the breathtaking fjords, you’re bound to have an unforgettable adventure. Norway is the perfect place to visit if you’re an adrenaline junkie. Your heart will be racing from all the fun activities you’ll be doing in the breathtaking Norwegian Fjords.

Activities to try in the Norwegian Fjords

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Paddle Boarding in the Fjords

The sense of awe as you float over crystal-clear rivers, the feeling of fresh air in your lungs, the sun on your skin. Paddleboarding or kayaking through the majestic Norwegian fjords is tranquil yet thrilling. Paddle out onto the magnificent Nordfjord in Olden’s, formerly ruled by the Vikings, and admire the clear green waters. Whilst there, you can also spend some time admiring the breathtaking surroundings. There’s much to see, from snow-capped mountains, tumbling waterfalls, thick woods, and sparkling glaciers.

Experience the unmistakable tranquillity of the Green Valley and the Geirangerfjord. These two wonders of nature are desperate to be explored. The Geirangerfjord basin bends between soaring mountain peaks. That means that it’s not only beautiful but there’s no wind – which is perfect for paddle boarding. On your adventure, you can paddle through the calm waters and take in views of the extraordinary Suitor and Seven Sisters waterfalls. When you reach Ålesund, admire its dramatic scenery. There is not only plenty of native wildlife but also Art Nouveau architecture and imposing mountains.

Adventures in the Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjords Hiking Adventure

If you want a magical walking experience, look no further than Norway’s breathtaking landscapes. And with so many picturesque walking trails to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Feel like you’ve been transported to a new world as you make your way from Stavanger and discover the remarkable Dalsnuten. Or if you love Geiranger, then the mystical wilderness of Westeras will be just the ticket. Alternatively, if you want to capture the beauty of Lovatnet Lake, Olden, Nordfjord Jostedal Glacier, and Mount Skala, take the Loen Skylift up to Mount Hoven.

You could also reach new heights by hiking up one of the many trails from Ålesund. A spectacular setting, Ålesund has the awe-inspiring Sukkertoppen (Sugarlump Mountain). Hike to the summit to enjoy incredible views of the nearby Hessa Island.

Experience an Unforgettable Nordic walk

Be prepared: a Nordic walk isn’t your typical walking experience. Exhilarating and fun, this adrenaline-fuelling activity gives you the chance to see unparalleled sights. If you love to go on walks, there’s no place better to do so than in the remarkable countryside of Norway. Nordic walking comes with many benefits to reap. There are physical benefits – such as toning and improving mobility. In addition, it is also a highly social activity, giving you a chance to meet new people on your trip.

Regardless of where you go in Norway, you’ll see dozens of locals out on a Nordic walk, striding through different landscapes with their walking poles. If you want to experience this unforgettable activity, take on one of Stavanger’s walking trails. One of the most impressive ones takes you from Godalen to the Storhaug peninsula. It’s a coastal walk that spans an incredible 3km. Along the way, there will be plenty of photo opportunities. Capture the beauty of the sprawling countryside, dazzling beaches, mountains, and vistas of the Gandsfjord!

Cycle Down the Mountain

Not only is the ascent fun in the Norwegian fjords but coming back down is equally thrilling. If you love to cycle, and you’re looking for a heart-racing activity, then grab a bike in Geiranger and head to the spectacular Geiranger fjord. A popular place to visit for those traveling to Norway, you’ll be able to take on the rip-roaring 17km descent through the Djupvasshytta mountain lodge which lies on the beautiful shores of Lake Djup Vatnet (1,030m above sea level!). This majestic descent gives you the opportunity to see the Flydal valley, Geiranger Fjords’ phenomenal cliffs, Mount Dalsnibba, and countless other glacial peaks.

Seven Sisters Waterfall - Norwegian Adventures
Seven Sisters Waterfall – Norwegian Fjords

Discover the Vigor of the Falls

Previously voted one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world by CNN, Langfoss waterfall is one of those places you need to see with your own eyes. Just over 1 hr 30 minutes from Haugesund, this stunning waterfall is simply out of this world.

When you get to the waterfall and you’ve parked at its base, you’ll start to feel the refreshing drops of water on your skin and hear the powerful roar of the fjord. Dropping 609m into the fjord, the Langfoss waterfall is perfect to admire from the path, or from a boat cruise.

Alternatively, you can grab your hiking boots and head out on a walking adventure. One of the most popular walking trails starts at the head of the waterfall and takes two hours to complete. Keep in mind, however, that this hike is only suitable from June to September. During the walk, you’ll see tranquil pine forests and a rugged mountainside, before you’re greeted by the raging waters of the waterfall. Beyond the mountain lies the alluring Folgefonna Glacier. Once you’ve reached the waterfall, you can sit back, relax and maybe have a packed lunch.

How to enjoy the Norwegian Fjords

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