Global Travel and Work – How to Work Effectively when Traveling

Do you think you could do your job just as well remotely as you do from your home or office? If so, you’re not alone. According to a 2020 PagoFX and YouGov survey cited by National Geographic, 45% of employed UK adults think they could work well from abroad. Keep in mind that was before we even saw countless industries embrace hybrid working after the pandemic. So, what do you need to consider for a life of global travel and work?

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How to Prepare for Global Travel and Work

While not for everyone, working abroad can be a brilliant way to see the world. You can combine travel with the stability and opportunity provided by a steady income. If you’re considering doing so, here are a few things you should do to ensure you work effectively while traveling.

Work from abroad – Get organized

Chances are, if you’re working abroad, you won’t have as large a home to work in as home. Even if you would, living out of your luggage will constrain you. The amount of stuff you can take from one place of accommodation to the next will be limited.

To make sure you can work productively, you need to organize properly. This involves keeping your possessions to a minimum. Keep your files online, forget about paper! Start using organizers that group together similar items to avoid losing them. For instance, use a laptop bag that also fits your mouse and keyboard. Have a single place for all those miscellaneous items that don’t have a place, but you need to keep.

Work on a side hustle

Side hustles are jobs you perform outside of your normal role, earning you a little extra income on the side. They can be great if you are looking for extra funds to fund your travels – such as buying that next big plane ticket – and don’t have to be in your current line of work.

For instance, if you enjoy following business and current affairs, spread betting on the markets could be a good shout. Speak a language well? Teach it – a foreign language or even English can net you hundreds on the side.

There are lots of side hustles to choose from. Think about what you’re good at and how you could quickly monetize it.

how to travel and work globally - best tips
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Global travel – Work to a schedule

If you find it difficult to focus while out exploring the great, wide world, there are lots of ways you can get more done with your day. Start with scheduling. This approach involves planning what you need to do during your day, week, and month, and plotting down tasks realistically. Keep them organized and visible, and stay on top of getting them done.

Proper scheduling won’t just mean you don’t get behind on work. It will also give you more time to enjoy and a better work-life balance: crucial for travelers.

Find a space to work from

If you don’t fancy working from your apartment, hotel room, or the nearest internet cafe, then consider a coworking space. These handy offices are calm and professional places to work from, and they don’t cost as much as a full office space would. Instead, you can pay on a sliding scale for the facilities you need – a base monthly fee for a desk, plus pay-as-you-go meeting room bookings.

With the tips above, you should be well on your way to working efficiently while working abroad. Just keep organized and focused, and don’t forget to have fun!

If you’re just starting to look into global travel and work, find out which countries UK expats prefer to move to. Then, start decluttering your home before you pack, and choose the best travel resources.