Great Holiday Activities to Try on your Next Trip

Are you in the process of planning your next holiday? As relaxing as a beach holiday can be, it’s always fun to include a few activities throughout the holiday too. Read on for some of the best activities you should consider for your next getaway.

Holiday activities – Walking tours

If you really want to explore a new area, it’s well worth considering a walking tour. You can enjoy anything from short tours, that take a couple of hours, to walking holidays. They are a great way to see major sights, as well as hidden gems. In addition, you will have the guidance of someone who knows the area well. This is particularly fun if you are visiting somewhere for the first time. If you choose a one-off walking tour, do it at the beginning of your trip. It will give you the time to return to any favorite spots you may discover along the way.

You can even choose a themed walking tour, like this Ghost and Legends Tour in Prague.

Holiday activities - free walking tour in Vienna
Vienna free walking tour

Cooking class

One way to really immerse yourself in the culture of somewhere new is to take part in a local cooking class. Not only is this a fun way to try new food, but it also means you will learn a recipe you can recreate once you get back home. Do some research online to find the best classes in your chosen destination. Imagine taking a pasta class in Rome, what a great memory!

Holiday activities - cooking
A cooking class is among the best holiday activities

Delicious holiday activitiesA food tour

Another great activity in a new place is to start exploring with a food tour. That allows you to discover the city with a local, but also to taste some of the best food it has to offer. A food tour will almost guarantee you will eat well while in town, so make sure to book it at the beginning of your trip. What better way to start exploring a city famous for its food, than with a food tour like this food tour of Bologna?

Active holidays – Cycling

Similar to a walking tour, cycling is also a fantastic option for exploring a new country. This can either be done as part of an organized group or could be organized yourself by renting a bike and planning your own route. If you opt to rent a bike and cycle solo, be sure to rent from a reputable place. Also, pre-plan your route and wear appropriate safety gear.

Via Appia Antica in Rome is a great place to explore by bike, either by yourself or with an organized tour.

Holiday activities – Wine tasting

Are you into wine? If so, a wine tasting could be the perfect holiday activity for you. Many countries around the world are famous for producing delicious wines. Whether you’re visiting Italy or exploring New Zealand, it is well worth seeing if there is a wine tasting available.

For instance, did you know Vienna is a wine-producing area? Surprise, surprise! Don’t miss a local wine tasting in Vienna.

Vienna Wine Tasting
Wine tasting in Vienna

Themed holidays – Music Festival

If you’re looking for something faster-paced, then a music festival could be the ticket. Going to a music festival on holiday means you can discover new bands you may have never listened to otherwise. A festival can make up your whole holiday, or if you have the chance, you could add a few days at the beach to the end of your trip.

Filming Locations Tour

If you’re more into movies than music, why not take part in a location tour? Location tours are a unique way to explore somewhere new whilst getting to see some iconic spots from famous films. For instance, if you’re a fan of The Godfather visiting Sicily, you can grab the chance and do a Godfather filming locations tour.


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