The Best Countries for UK Expats to Move To

We are more globally connected than ever, thanks to relatively newfound interconnectivity and a new global approach to business and partnership. The nature of work devolves from its traditional office-bound form. People are taking the reins and realizing their dreams of living abroad more so than ever. When thinking of living abroad, which are the best countries in the world for UK expats to call home?

Moving abroad is a major life decision and one that involves many legal and logistical hurdles. As such, it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Even more so, when you are planning to relocate abroad with children. So, let’s take a look at the best options for UK expats.

Popular Expat Countries – Australia

Australia is an extremely popular choice for British citizens as a new country of permanent residence, for several key reasons. First and foremost, its culture is not completely dissimilar from that of the UK. English is the national language, and much of the country’s infrastructure enjoys the same make-up as the UK’s. It even has a universal healthcare system funded through a public Medicare levy. That enables millions to access free or affordable healthcare.

The barrier to entry in Australia is somewhat high, though, owing to a points-based immigration system. They favor people of extraordinary skill or experience. The upside is that gainful employment is all but guaranteed on arrival. It affords the expat the luxury of a well-paid career, and the opportunity to enjoy the best of Australia’s thriving culture and stunning natural landscapes alike.

UK Expats in Singapore

Singapore is something of a success story on the international stage, having become a global center for business. It’s one of the most promising places in the world to work. If you are looking to take the next big step in business or commerce, emigrating here could be a strong move for your professional career and for your personal comfort.

Not only is Singapore a global business leader, but it also tops population happiness indexes and boasts remarkably low crime statistics. Singapore is a modern country with traditional values, that is not afraid to wear its multicultural roots on its sleeve. For an expat, it is a wonder to explore just as much as a bountiful place to find the next rung of your career.

Favorite countries for the UK expats – Spain

Spain is the quintessential choice for British retirees seeking somewhere new to settle down. The Costa del Sol has become synonymous with British expat communities and resort cities reliant on northern European trade. Enticing as the Costa del Sol may be for the average retiree, Spain also has much more to offer expats of every variety – from the wandering creative to the industry careerist.

Spain is unrivaled in its leisure options, according to the Expat Insider 2021 survey – placing Spain eighth in its Quality of Life Index. It is also uniquely homely, according to the views of surveyed expats. This explains its sheer popularity as a post-career place in which to settle. Its metropolitan centers teem with culture and opportunity.