The best driving-themed stag do ideas around the UK

Trying to plan the perfect stag do for a petrol head? Here are a few ideas to organize the best driving-themed stag do in the UK.

Stag do ideas in the UK

Whether you’re hoping to get your groom out for the ride of a lifetime or to push him out of his comfort zone, you can’t go wrong with a driving-based stag do. We’ve listed some of our biggest, most adrenaline-pumping ideas from around the UK below.

The Classic Road Trip

Escape the stress of the 9-5, sit back, and take in some stunning scenery.

Hiring a car could prove to be the most exciting option for the groom. Whether you choose a speedy convertible or a sport utility vehicle with some serious power to boot, the visual surprise of a performance vehicle would set the tone immediately.

If you’re planning on taking your own car, you’ll need to make sure it’s ready to cover some serious miles. To ensure complete peace of mind, you should book an MOT online. Do it at least a few weeks in advance of your big adventure.

F1 Experience

If you live near a famous racetrack or you’re able to reach one easily, why not organize an F1 experience? The iconic Silverstone circuit is easy to access from some of the biggest cities in the UK, including Northampton, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, and London.

With the excitement and anticipation of the current F1 Grand Prix, a day on the track could be nothing short of exhilarating for your groom. You could club together and incorporate a theme to celebrate his favorite team or driver, too.

Why not drive the Silverstone Circuit in the UK as a stag do activity?
Image by 1Yanthon2 from Pixabay

Stag Do Ideas – Go Karting

Some of the world’s best drivers start in the world of karting.

You can choose between indoor and outdoor circuits, depending on what you think your groom might prefer. If you choose indoor karting, you won’t have any trouble finding courses across the country. Some arenas have split levels and courses for a thrilling, fun-filled event.

Split the group into teams or battle it out individually to see if you can keep up.

Drive the North Coast 500

Fancy heading out to one of the most iconic roads in the UK?

If you’re part of a small, close group of friends and you’re ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, driving the entire NC500 route could be ideal. It boasts over 500 miles of breathtaking scenery. What’s more, this route has been named the best road trip in the UK and traces the entire rugged Scottish coastline.

Planned carefully, an epic trip around the NC500 could include some luxurious hotels, beautiful beaches, and mouth-watering dinners at top restaurants too.

Quad bikes are one of the best stag do activity ideas
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Quad Bikes

For an action-packed stag weekend, why not hire quad bikes? If you’re already staying in a rural spot with the boys, creating your very own epic quad bike challenges could be the most memorable way to celebrate.

High-speed, off-road fun is one sure way to pick up the pace on any stag do. Whichever way you choose to celebrate on four wheels, just make sure you all stay safe.


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