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As a developing country located on the Pacific coast, Vietnam possesses many strong points for tourism development. Indeed, this place has many scenic spots, which is the best destination for many tourists to choose to explore and check-in at tourist attractions in Vietnam. Not only finding new “virtual living” places, visitors also feel and discover for the scenery, people, history, traditional culture, as well as the wonderful natural scenery of this country.

1. Phu Quoc

top 10 resorts in phu quoc vietnam

top 10 resorts in phu quoc vietnam

Ganh Dau Phu Quoc

Phu Quocwhich lays off the southern province of Kien Giang, was named the world’s leading nature island destination for the first time at this year’s World Travel Awards.

Covering an area of 567 square kilometers and home to 180,000 people, Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam and the nation’s first island city.

Well known for its long, sandy beaches with turquoise waters and dense forests, Phu Quoc has become a popular holiday destination for both domestic and international tourists.

The island is also home to a marine sanctuary and a national park famous for trekking.

2. Sa Pa

harvest in sapa vietnam

harvest in sapa vietnam

As a highland district of Lao Cai province, Sapa is located on a mountain ridge 1,500–1,600 meters above sea level, between the Hoang Lien Son and Con Voi mountain ranges to the northwest. This special terrain gives Sapa an advantage: In one day, tourists will enjoy the climate of 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Every season of the year, Sapa has its own unique scenery. Harmonizing natural beauty and unique ethnic culture, Sapa becomes a suitable tourist destination for all audiences, whether you are an adventurous traveler or looking for a peaceful vacation.

3. Ninh Binh

ninh binh homestays

TamCoc NinhBinh

ninh binh homestays

Ninh Binh is a city located at the southernmost point of the Red River Delta with many famous scenic spots such as Hoa Lu ancient capital with a rich history, beautiful Tam Coc – Bich Dong complex. Trang An with majestic natural scenery and many spiritual tourist sites such as Bai Dinh pagoda, Phat Diem church…

4. Tam Dao

Tam Dao

Tam Dao

Tam Dao

Tam Dao is a place in Vinh Phuc province. Tam Dao tourist area is about 80 km from Hanoi, it will take you about 2 hours to go from the capital to Tam Dao. Tam Dao weather like in Sapa or Dalat. You can clearly feel the 4 seasons in a day.

Tam Dao with its cool climate and charming scenery has long been a favorite tourist destination and chosen by many people for their vacation.

Tao Dao Vietnam

Tao Dao Vietnam

Tao Dao Vietnam

Tao Dao Vietnam

Tao Dao Vietnam

5. Ha Noi


Ha Noi Ho Chi Minh

hanoi cafe

Hanoi is the capital of thousands of years of civilization with ancient relics and peaceful life. If you have ever traveled to Hanoi, you certainly cannot forget the typical atmosphere here, with Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, quiet cafes, small streets and street vendors.

Come to Hanoi to enjoy lemon tea, Hanoi sidewalk iced tea… It seems that these simple descriptions can gather all the idyllic things of the capital land. Along with the history of “thousand years of civilization”, Hanoi always attracts tourists with a unique color, a rich cultural identity, and a unique way of life that cannot be confused with any other place.

6. Ha Long Bay

cruise guide to explore Ha Long Bay

A cruise on Halong Bay

halong bay vietnam

Ha Long city is located along the shore of Ha Long Bay, in Quang Ninh province, and about 165km from Hanoi. Ha Long City, which is famous for Ha Long Bay, has long become the jewel of Vietnam’s tourism, with thousands of large and small islands floating in the middle of the emerald green bay. This wonderful artifact has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage many times, attracting a lot of attention from domestic and foreign tourists.

Enjoying a lot of favor from nature, Ha Long has a lot of potential for tourism development, and has become a famous tourist city of Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay possesses a pleasant cool coastal climate, with two distinct seasons, summer and winter. The most ideal time to travel to Ha Long is in the summer, from the end of April to June. At this time, it is not too hot and very suitable for you to participate in activities to explore the nature of Ha Long Bay.

7. Moc Chau

Moc Chau travel

Mochau Vietnam

A 2-day road trip for Moc Chau Vietnam 2022

Moc Chau is an extremely famous tourist destination, favored by tourists with the name “Northwest muse” because of its poetic, charming landscape and cool climate.

Moc Chau town in Son La province, located more than 300km from the center of Hanoi capital. The capital is famous as a tourist destination with the typical beauty of the Northwest mountains and is a destination not to be missed for those who love to explore.

Moc Chau has a tropical monsoon climate, the weather is divided into 4 distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Summer is hot, humid and dry. Winters are cold and phenomena such as frost or frost appear.

8. Da Lat

Cloud Dalat

Cloud Dalat

Cloud Dalat

Cloud Dalat

Da Lat Vietnam

As a city known for having the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. This is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Vietnam, located on Lam Vien plateau in Lam Dong province. With its poetic and romantic characteristics – Da Lat is likened by everyone to a miniature Paris with majestic natural landscapes and beautiful views, so every year Da Lat welcomes millions of tourists to visit.

When traveling to Da Lat, surely many people want to see the places with the best view to enjoy the panoramic view of the city, many tourists come here to relax and rest after the hustle and bustle of your work.

9. Hoi An

Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An travel experience

xiclo in Hoian

30km from Da Nang city, Hoi An ancient town was once known as a busy international trading port. Therefore, when traders from all over the world come here, they bring with them the quintessence of China, Japan and Europe, blending with the traditional culture of local people and creating a Hoi An as now.

Coming to Hoi An tourist destination, visitors will be immersed in new moments hidden inside the ancient features of many rows of old tile houses. Everything here is gentle and loving, poetic and charming, people are gentle, friendly and hospitable.

The best time to visit Hoi An is from February to April every year, with little rain and a pleasant climate. Avoid going in the summer because the temperature is so high, it’s very hot. The rainy season from October to November also has the disadvantage that the space is wet due to heavy and heavy rain.

10. Red River Delta

Mekong Delta floading season

Mekong Delta floading season

In January, the New York Times included the Red River Delta in its annual list of the 52 best places to travel in 2022. The Red River Delta, spanning some 15,000 square kilometers, consists of eight provinces and two centrally-managed cities Hanoi and Hai Phong, with a population of over 23 million.

The delta is the cradle of quan ho folk singing, recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2010, and home to the Tam Chuc Pagoda complex (pictured) said to be the world’s biggest pagoda.

“Since ancient times, villagers along the Cau River in northern Vietnam have sung Quan ho, a call-and-response folk music style performed by alternating all-female and all-male duets from neighboring villages that was recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage practice in 2009,” New York Times added.

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