What to do in Barcelona during the winter

There are endless things to see and do in Catalonia’s capital city of Barcelona. The city is overflowing with thriving clubs, religious cathedrals, and remarkable architecture. Winter is the perfect time to explore Barcelona. Its mild weather, clear skies, and decline in tourism – mostly due to the end of the football season, make it a perfect winter destination. So, what is there to do in Barcelona during the winter?

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What to do in Barcelona

Take a guided tour around the Sagrada Familia

Barcelona’s must-see attraction, the Sagrada Familia is perfect to explore any time of year. Even more so in the winter, due to fewer tourists. The religious masterpiece was originally designed by Antoni Gaudi and has been in construction since 1882. Unfortunately, Gaudi died in 1926 when only a fourth of his vision was complete. What followed were years of alternating architects and funding complications, which are just a few of the reasons why the structure is still not complete.

Those who visit the attraction are often taken aback by its grandeur, making their own way around the heritage site, and taking pictures of the intricately designed glass windows. For a greater experience, a guided tour will take you to the museum beneath the basilica. That’s where you’ll hear stories about the history of the building and its creators and the ideology behind the Nativity and Passion façade of the basilica.

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia

Go skiing at La Molina

Spain’s very first ski resort, La Molina opened its doors in 1925. Since then, it has been renovated and boasts modern facilities for ardent skiers. The resort is famous for its variety of skiable areas for all levels – an impressive 68 slopes to be exact. It is actually part of a giant resort alongside another nearby town. La Molina is easily accessible from Barcelona, with a car or train ride taking around two hours. You can choose to spend the day here and return to your accommodation in time for dinner. Otherwise, if you plan to spend your whole weekend down the slopes, you can remain in the Pyrenees mountains for a little bit longer.

What to do in Barcelona – Explore the Old Town

The Old Town is the oldest neighborhood in Barcelona and extends from the main square of Catalunya to the Mediterranean. Whilst it is relatively small in scale, it makes up for its size with historic architecture and a thriving atmosphere. Here, you will also find a variety of boutiques, restaurants, and bars. Those who love to dance the night away will fit right in here, in one of the many nightclubs. If your accommodation is within the Old Town, you may want to organize your Barcelona airport transfers, as the area can be difficult to traverse.

Things to do in Barcelona in winter time
Barcelona is beautiful in any season

Barcelona in Winter – Relax on the Beach

Whilst it may seem a ridiculous idea to head to the beach during the winter months, this cannot be further from the truth in Barcelona. The city has some of the best beaches found in Europe. Unlike in the summer, the area is fairly quiet during the final quarter of the year. The sea temperature is usually around 14 degrees. Some people even bathe but you don’t need to swim in the water to appreciate the seaside landscape. There are small bars and unique restaurants dotted along the coast and also volleyball courts set up in certain areas. Transport to the beach is relatively easy. However, there’s nothing better than a bike ride along the promenade on a pleasant day.

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