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Discover Ta Dung – “Ha Long Bay” miniature in Dak Nong Vietnam – Travel your way | Best things to do | Best travel destinations | Road trip planner | Best countries to visit

Ta Dung is a freshwater lake in the mountains, tucked away in Ta Dung Nature Reserve of Dak Nong province. With an area of more than 3000 hectares and about 40 large and small islands in the middle of the lake, this place is likened to a terrestrial Ha Long Bay of Tay Nguyen Vietnam.

Ta Dung is an area that plays an important role in the watershed protection of two large rivers Serepok and Dong Nai. This is the main source of water for daily life and production of the southern key economic region. In 2011, with two hydroelectric plants on the Dong Nai River blocking the flow and accumulating water, a large area of Ta Dung was flooded with water. The former high hills are now largely submerged under the lake, the top part of the mountain emerges from the blue of the water, turning this place into

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Top 10 best places to visit Istanbul Turkey for new year 2023 – Travel your way | Best things to do | Best travel destinations | Road trip planner | Best countries to visit

If you are planning to travel in the new year 2023 then Istanbul is a city you should not miss it is a beautiful and mysterious city. This city is really the intersection of two continents, Eurasia, and has both the ancient features of Europe and the mystery of Asia.

Istanbul, the heart of Turkey, is a land with a long cultural history. Surely you will find it difficult to refuse when you have the opportunity to visit this city. To prepare for your trip in advance, we will recommend the best places to visit Instanbul Turkey.

Where is Istanbul?


Istanbul is the only city in the world located between two continents: Asia and Europe. At the same time, this is also the largest city, as well as the economic, cultural and historical center of Turkey, the heart of the old turkey department. With more than 2,600 years of history,

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Roald Amundsen Had to Make Do With Being First to South Pole – Travel your way | Best things to do | Best travel destinations | Road trip planner | Best countries to visit

There’s no evidence of this, but surely there must have been a saying among the great polar explorers of the 19th and early 20th centuries along the lines of, “If there were but more than two poles on this planet.” It seems almost unfair that so many intrepid explorers were willing to sacrifice everything to become the first human to set foot on a perilously difficult to reach place on Earth that, if we’re being frank, is somewhat arbitrary to begin with.

Nevertheless, the polar regions held an irresistible sway for many men who had the means to command ships and crews capable of reaching their desolate centers. Reaching the farthest points north or south meant you’d traveled as far from the bustling center of the globe as was possible; if you were to call yourself a serious explorer at the turn of the 20th century, a trip to the

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Travel news – Visitors to China from 8/1 only need to test Covid negative – Travel your way | Best things to do | Best travel destinations | Road trip planner | Best countries to visit

The Chinese government removed the quarantine measures, and the medical procedure for tourists who entered the country was only a negative test.

From January 8, 2023, China will reopen its borders, SCMP newspaper reported on December 26, and assessed this move as the government’s last step in removing the “Zero Covid” policy, switching to phase of “living with the virus”.

Accordingly, people entering the country, in addition to the requirements of normal visa procedures, only need to present a negative test result (not sure whether rapid test or PCR), done within 48 hours before entry. Persons who do not show signs of Covid-19 when doing customs procedures are not subject to any restrictions. Centralized quarantine has also been removed but the wearing of masks is mandatory.

Yuanyang Terraces china

Sanya china

Hong Kong has dropped most of its Covid-19 prevention measures

People entering Hong Kong do not need to do a PCR test on arrival,

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Admire Ba Quang’s burning grass hill as beautiful as a movie – Travel your way | Best things to do | Best travel destinations | Road trip planner | Best countries to visit

Ba Quang burning grass hill (Vinh Quy grass hill) in Ha Lang, Cao Bang attracts tourists to admire, take photos, camp… thanks to its unique and wild beauty from October to January every year.

Ba Quang burning grass hill in Vietnam

Recently, Ba Quang grass hill (Vinh Quy grass hill) – located on the border between Khum Din and Bac Vong hamlets, Vinh Quy commune, Ha Lang district, Cao Bang province is a destination that attracts many tourists and the world. photography enthusiast. From October to January of the following year, this place appears stretching orange-yellow burning lawns, creating a wild and poetic scene, reminding visitors of the image of “miniature Da Lat” (Photo: Thai Duong AC).

Ba Quang burning grass hill in Vietnam

Mr. Thai Duong AC – a photographer in Trung Khanh, Cao Bang said: In the past time, many of his clients love to take commemorative photos, wedding photos, fashion photos at the burning grass hill area because of the toxicity.

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