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UK Dangerous Roads – 5 of the Most Hazardous Drives

The UK is a relatively small country, all things considered. It is also, however, home to some of the most treacherous roads in Europe. While the motorways are generally quite safe (aside from the notorious M6, of course), the smaller roads and A roads of the UK can be quite dangerous to those who are not paying complete attention to the road.

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So, whether you’re a regular driver or have just taken out temporary learner driver insurance and are starting your journey to become a UK driver, take note of these roads so you know what to look out for and potentially avoid.

Most Dangerous Roads in the UK

Treacherous Roads: The A592 – Kirkstone Pass

Situated in the Lake District, Kirkstone Pass is notorious for being one of the most haunted roads in the world. But beyond the ghost stories, it’s actually a pretty difficult road to

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Best Family Activities To Do in Birmingham, UK

Famous for its futuristic Bullring shopping center, canal network, and the Peaky Blinders, Birmingham has a lot to offer when it comes to family activities and days out. It’s a huge, sprawling city with lots of gems to uncover. Need to hire a car to make your trip run more smoothly? Why not hire a car, such as a used Mercedes, especially for the occasion. If you need inspiration on where to go, here are five activities to get the ball rolling.

Birmingham Family Activities – Treetop Adventure Golf

If you want to get competitive, Treetop Adventure Golf is a great shout. Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise, and work your way through an 18-hole course, perfect to suit all ages. Expect to spot decorations that feature brightly colored birds, frogs, and tropical plants en route. The courses are stowed away in the Bullring shopping center. So, there

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The Best Places for Glorious London Walks

Walking is an activity that’s worthwhile throughout the year. But it’s probably best during autumn when everything tends to look a little bit more spectacular. The sun is lower in the sky, casting dramatic shadows across the parkland. The trees are naturally golden-hued, and the pavements tend to be slick with dew and rain. Some of the London parks are amazing settings for some soothing autumn walks.

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If you’re living in London, then you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to quality autumn walks. And even if you’re not, you can pay a visit just for a stroll outdoors. You can get into London via some of the country’s more popular rail routes and, if you live close enough, be back in time for dinner.

Best Places for Autumns Walks in London

Let’s take a look at a few choice places.

London Walks – Greenwich Park

Greenwich park

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The Financial Side of Becoming a Digital Nomad

The earning potential and flexibility of the digital nomad lifestyle make it a profession enviable by many. After all, who wouldn’t like to jet off abroad and work remotely in the sun and sand? However, the job isn’t just beaches and remote work. There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the reality of becoming a digital nomad.

One aspect you need to understand before taking this kind of job is the financial feasibility of the role. There’s a lot you need to be prepared for, so here is our overview of the financial side of being a digital nomad.

remote work - becoming a digital nomadremote work - becoming a digital nomad
Image by Matthias Zeitler from Pixabay

Becoming a Digital Nomad: Budgeting

Budgeting is a financial essential for most of us but is particularly important as a digital nomad. Due to the sporadic international travel, a lot of money goes towards travel costs and accommodation. This means

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7 Best Road Trips Of India (3)

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