14 Important Baby Gear to Carry on Holidays

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Preparing for vacation certainly can not be haphazard. It might be troublesome later if you arrive at your destination. Especially if you have a toddler who wants to be taken along. The main obstacle is usually equipment that is forgotten or does not fit the needs of the vacation spot. So you need to carefully prepare baby gear when you want a vacation.

In addition, it is necessary to understand the tourist destinations to be addressed. Is it easy to get the items needed there? Like medicine, snacks, and so on? If the vacation spot is a bit remote, it’s a good idea to bring everything yourself. Typically, children’s equipment will control half to one suitcase for the child himself. Then how about tips on bringing holiday gear if you bring a toddler? Here it is that must be prepared:

1. Snacks

When people are hungry, it is usually difficult to concentrate on something. Especially if a toddler is hungry. One of the causes of babies becoming fussy and grumpy is because of hunger. So make sure your child before leaving to eat first. During the trip if using a train for example, or have to take a plane for hours, remember to bring your child’s favorite snacks.

2. Drinks

Even though nowadays almost all places have provided bottled mineral water, but make sure to keep preparing your own bottled water during the trip. We do not know in the middle of the road when there is no place to buy drinks will be a little inconvenient.

If you can bring 2 bottles when on holiday abroad because sometimes they do not provide water to rinse while in the restroom. So we can use mineral water bottles. In addition, bring your own drink bottles while saving plastic. We can refill bottles anywhere.

3 Change of Clothes

Sometimes erratic weather makes sometimes quite troublesome. If there is a sudden heavy rain while in tourist attractions and wet clothes, adults may still be able to withstand the cold, but this is not the case with toddlers. They still have less endurance. When their clothes are wet, immediately replace them with dry clothes so they don’t get sick easily.

4. Hats / Headgear

Hot or hot weather can sometimes cause headaches. Be sure to bring a hat or head cover for your little one. Choose from fabrics that are comfortable and do not absorb heat.

5. Baby Stroller Equipment

A toddler may be exhausted if he has to walk far. Traveling abroad that usually makes us walk more often, or to natural attractions that also require quite a long time before reaching the destination, it is better to bring a stroller according to the needs of children. Can the four wheels or tricycle (magic stroller). Make sure the material is lightweight and easy to fold so that it’s easy to carry anywhere. Including when carrying it on the plane (stroller is usually stored in the trunk of the plane when it will depart, not put with luggage cargo luggage).

6. Baby Toy Supplies

Do not let your child feel bored to be fussy when on the way. Be sure to bring toys that can entertain your child. Toys are one of the items that must be brought while on vacation

7. Reading Books

Reading books can also be an alternative for entertaining your child while traveling. Bring a reading book that is light enough so it doesn’t take up space. Including when going to stay at a hotel, reading books can entertain your child if you can not sleep. So reading books are equipment that must be brought while staying at a hotel.

8. Jacket

If the weather conditions at the vacation place are cold enough, be sure not to forget to bring a jacket so your little one doesn’t get sick easily.

9. Umbrella

Although this is quite troublesome, but sometimes this is needed especially when bringing a toddler. We can look for umbrellas that are easy to fold and light so they are not too heavy.

10. Medicines

Eucalyptus oil, anti-hangover medicine, wound dressing plaster, and so on are important medicines to take while traveling with your child. If it is cold, sprinkle it with white wood oil to prevent colds.

11. Baby Diaper, Perlak & Wet Tissue Equipment

Toddlers who cannot urinate in the toilet make sure to prepare enough diapers. Can be overwhelmed if the tourist attractions do not sell diapers. Wet and proper tissue, can be a helper if your child defecates while in the vehicle.

12. Baby Footwear Equipment

Sometimes, carrying one footwear and socks for your baby must be more than one. Although the holidays are only for one day, sometimes the child plays in a wet or muddy place. Be sure to change your child’s footwear if needed.

13. Baby Sitting Equipment

Some natural attractions usually do not provide too many places or halls to rest. Moreover, a tourist attraction that is rarely touched by tourists. Make sure to bring a mat, can be used paper, or a small carpet.

14. Administrative Needs of Children If Abroad

When you want to go on holiday abroad, make sure the passport has been duplicated 2. Save 1 at home, and one when taken the road, it is to avoid things that are not wanted. Also some other administrative equipment, do not forget. For the passport making process,

What needs to be emphasized, maybe every child needs are different. So make sure to understand the child’s favorite characteristics before preparing your baby gear before the holidays. Not all children like reading books, they can be replaced with other toys that they like more. Also make sure before leaving, the condition of your child fit to take a vacation.

Children who are sick, are not recommended to take a vacation. Finally, I hope the holidays with the family more enjoyable with the presence of an active and agile little one. Holiday spirit!